Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tired of the Tires?

In you live in the northern hemisphere, north of about 60 degrees, you have contemplated at some point putting snow tires on your car. If you live in the southern hemisphere, south of about the same latitude or in the mountain ranges of other continents, you have also contemplated snow tires and maybe have chains to go with them.

Now since changing tires, like checking the oil, is a regularly occurring event, why is it that many of us end up in the "tire queue", with coffee and newspaper - for several hours - after the first snow fall each year to get those tires put on?. You would think we didn't know that winter was coming!

Ok, now for everyone in any hemisphere who owns a car - snow tires or otherwise:

  • Open your calendar.
  • Mark in the next date your car service is due.
  • Mark in the date your car service is due after that and every date to the end of the year (2009).
  • Go to November 7 (May for the folks down under)
  • Mark down "Change car tires".
  • Close calendar.
  • Smile!

Adjust the dates if you are a little farther north. The point is that next year you will be in a short queue and have the tires changed before the snow. You will be organized, smiling and taking that coffee and newspaper to your son's hockey rink/daughter's dance class and enjoy his/her game/practice. Enjoy!

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