Thursday, July 22, 2010

Memories can be beautiful, and then...

Like so many of us, I have increasing problems with memory these days.  I like to blame it on the heat, the fact I have a busy family or that my business as a professional organizer is growing and I too much to keep track of.  The fact that I am of a certain age is of course not relevant!

Here's a tip to help you remember a myriad of items: use the memo pad or notes function on your phone to keep track of miscellaneous details.  My teenage daughter uses it to keep track of her locker combinations.  One friend uses it to keep track of notes to himself.

As long as you can remember to check your memos you don't need to rely so heavily on that overtaxed and again memory.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


I've just been given the latest issue of Wired magazine to read... "Look! There's an article about organizing in here!" Of course I wasn't surprised, as organizing touches every aspect of our lives. They've featured four room makeovers with a range of organizing ideas, from simple fixes to high-tech solutions.

In 'The Office' the use of rolling filing cabinets adapted well to the work habits of the owner. Using the label maker to identify both ends of power cords is an easy way to keep wires straight. My favourite tech solution is the Sony PS3 in 'The Media Room'. It removes the need for dusty shelf space to store all of those DVD cases!

Check out the July issue of Wired to read the full article on page 91, or read online at

Friday, July 9, 2010

Efficient Epicurean

There seems to be no shortage of ways to store spices. Among the most common are the carousel, the magnetic board, the bulk purchase in a baggy, and the store-bought jars that land on a lazy susan or wall mounted rack.

What happens when you don’t have the space for a sprawling display of your spices, or simply prefer to keep them out-of-sight and away from the heat of your oven? If you are forced to store your spice bottles in a manner that obscures the label, it can become time-consuming and frustrating to pick up each bottle, turn it around to see the label and return it to its rightful place, only to repeat the exercise with the next bottle. To save yourself some time, try labelling the top of the spice jar. It’s unlikely that the sides and top of the bottle will be hidden at the same time. You’d be surprised how easy it is to pull out a basket of spice bottles, scan the homemade labels on the top and find what you’re looking for.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Organizing Experiment

Organizing is an on going process, one that requires revisiting drawers, closets and surfaces often to keep our organization up to date with our ever changing lives. I've been going through this review process with my home office. I recently made the decision to move my desk from the second floor into the basement. This involved the physical relocation of my workspace but it's also been an opportune time to re-evaluate how I use that space.

I have a two-drawer filing cabinet that fits under my desk. When I moved downstairs I thought I would experiment and try positioning it on the right side, versus the left side where I've always had it. I've given myself a trial period to see what influences it may have on my workflow. I've since concluded that it's just not working for me. Today I'm moving it back to the left! This really does make the most sense for me, as I'm left handed and therefore the files are easier to access.

It's okay to try something, to see if it might change your workflow for the better. By trying a different layout I broke the pattern of how I had always done something. In this case I had already been following instincts that were correct. If something is not working for you, in your home organization, it may be time to try an experiment of your own. Change one thing. Move it from the right side to the left, or from a lower shelf to one at eye level. See if that one small change can make a positive impact on the way your space functions.