Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

On behalf of the professional organizers at Wellrich Organizers, I would like to wish you all a very peaceful and joyful Christmas.  We wish you a day full of cheer and hope.

Carolyn, Chris and Jennie

Monday, December 13, 2010

Here Comes Winter!
Is it snowing in your part of the world like it is here in Toronto?  If you haven't done so yet, now is a great time to clear the garage and make room for the car - so it can overnight out of the snow.  Some quick tips:

  • Check that the sports gear still fits e.g. no point in storing a bicycle that will be too small next spring;
  • Put away the garden spades/shovels and put snow shovels close to where you will need them i.e. the side door to the pathway or the front door to the driveway;
  • Hang up on hooks as many tools and toys as possible;
  • Change to the snow tires and put away the all season tires;
  • Make sure you have a snow brush, extra anti-freeze and a winter kit in your car for winter driving. That kit could include a candle, matches, blanket, hazard sign and first aid kit.

Friday, December 3, 2010

When Good Enough is Just Perfect

Organizing is about balance: enough stuff - not too little, not too much; enough stuff in your time available - not too little, not too much.  Its also about having the right stuff at the right time in balance with the priorities of your life.  As many of you know, I work with a significant number of hoarding clients.  Much of our work together involves helping them balance the stuff in their lives with other priorities.

So when one of my clients called to cancel our session this week in favour of supporting his family through his newborn grandson's critical state following a difficult delivery, I knew his priorities were in the right order.

The pictures we see of perfect, beautiful, organized rooms in magazines are exactly that: beautiful rooms designed to stimulate your creativity to apply colours, furniture, materials, tools and strategies in your own home.  As a professional organizer, I encourage my clients to see those pictures as inspiration - not a target.  We strive for good enough, not perfect.

The difference between perfect magazine pictures and a well organized home, are the wonderful priorities like new grandchildren that are so much more important than the stuff that can overwhelm our homes.  By getting a grip on the stuff, we make room for our other priorities; the grandchildren, the children, the friends.

I will keep my client's grandson and family in my prayers - his stuff can wait but will soon have to make room for that grandson to visit.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Chanukkah

Today, the beginning of Chanukkah, we would like to wish all our Jewish readers a Happy Hanukkah.