Friday, February 22, 2008

CD Dilemma

Here’s a fellow - Graham Waldon - shares with many of us the CD dilemma. Check out his blog for some fun, funny and even a few really helpful suggestions on how to handle the overflow. They include:

  • CD mobiles
  • Resell (and the legal implication is?)
  • Donate to a library
  • CD Frisbee contest (guess what the prize is?)
  • Online resell (website provided)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day! Low Clutter Children’s Gifts

For many people, the traditional children’s gifts or tokens at Valentine’s Day are plush toys and chocolate. This year, I was particularly challenged as my 13 year old daughter has given up chocolate for Lent. We no longer accumulate plush toys as she has purged her collection down to her few very favourites. My solution is to bake a (vanilla) cake for the family and yes, it will be pink or red(ish).

Do you have suggestions to offer the readership? What do other people use as clutter free, candy free gifts or tokens to the kids?

Add you comments below and let us know your solutions.