Tuesday, December 9, 2008

25 Things to do Before Christmas - #17 The Tree

#17 Organizing the Christmas Tree - If you are planning to put up a tree this year you may already have made plans to do so. Or maybe not? Did I hear you say "OMGoodness, we still have to get a tree?"

Many people have moved away from the real deal in order to preserve the trees, their family rooms and their sanity. Whether you go artificial or a sap dripping, needle shedding original article that will fill your home with the smell of a midwinter's forest, there are still some challenges common to both that can be mastered with a little organization.

  • You know it! Book the date in your calendar to buy the tree, bring it up from the basement/attic/garage and set it up. Remember when buying a real tree you will require 24 hours to allow it to settle before decorating it.
  • Book the date to decorate the tree. If your family is like mine, that requires everyone home and that requires checking in with 3 other calendars.
  • Get out your decorations. Check the lights (switch to high efficiency).
  • Throw out any decorations that are broken. Consider giving away any you no longer use.
  • Check out your storage for your decorations. Now is the time to consider upgrading to a sturdier box (than the wine bottle box you were using).
  • Book a date to take down your tree and pack it all away. Check to see when your municipal garbage collection, if you have one, will pick up the trees at the curb. Remember how you missed it last year and the forlorn tree stayed in the yard until the first yard waste pickup at Easter?

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