Thursday, December 11, 2008

25 Things to do Before Christmas - #16 Gift Cache, #15 Gather Friends

The countdown continues. Hope you're still with us! Only 2 more weeks 'til Christmas:

#16 Empty your Gift Cache - Many people purchase gifts year round and keep a cache of them in their home. This is an excellent idea if you have the money to tie up in a gift cache and the space to store it. If you have neither, this is not an idea for you. One of the challenges of such a cache is remembering what's in it and remembering to shop at your own cache store before shopping retail again. If you store your cache in a box in a cupboard, this might be the time to lay it out and use up some of the contents. If you don't need to worry about little eyes (or big ones) searching for Santa's stash try laying out the gifts on a shelf or book case. Then reviewing and using up the items is litereally like going shopping in your own home.

#15 Gather up Friends who will be Alone this Holiday Season - Not all of us have a home full of family or friends and a calendar full of Christmas dinners to attend. The reality is that many people or new to their neighbourhood or city, can't afford to go home, live alone and may be alone during the holidays. Whether or not you are one of this group, why not gather of a few friends who are and start your own tradition of a Christmas or holiday dinner with them.

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