Wednesday, December 7, 2011

ADD Time Monitors

For individuals managing ADD, learning to manage time can be an ongoing challenge.  Professional organizers and ADD coaches often encourage the use of timers to make sure hyper-focus doesn't cause the swallowing of hours and hours of time scheduled for something else.

Here's an idea I created for a young client whose tremendous creativity sent me searching for an alternate timing device.  Create a set of playlists for yourself on your mp3 player for various lengths of time.  One might be 5 Min Playlist, another 10 Min Playlist etc.  When you have a task to complete or a job that you need to focus for a designated time, plug in and turn on your playlist that matches that period of time.  It may take a couple of attempts before you figure out the genre of music that works for a 10 minute end-of-day-get-stuff-off-the-floor task versus a 30 minute I-really-have-to-enter-in-my-expenses-today-if-i-want-to-be-reimbursed-this-month type task.

Have fun with it - its a perfect personalized tool to support your time management.

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