Thursday, April 21, 2011

Book a Meeting with Yourself

I have 4 hours all to myself today: that is, all to myself and the mound of paper work that accumulated while I was off tending to clients.

We schedule our meetings with clients, with staff and all manner of other related services for our lives but how often do we book time with ourselves to clear out the clutter?  Unfortunately we know from decades of time management publications, that unless a priority activity is booked into our schedule, it will not get done.  Is that why perhaps, some administrative or maintenance tasks in your life don't get done?

Consider booking a regular meeting with yourself to accomplish some of the mundane tasks that life asks us to complete.  It might be clearing kids school paperwork, catching up on correspondence, filing (electronically or otherwise) the bills that have piled up.  If you book time on a regular basis, you will be surprised how some of this stuff doesn't get a chance to pile up.  Depending upon the task, it may be only 2 hours a week or perhaps one day a month is all that is required to clear out the backlog and keep up to date.

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