Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Boost for the Winter

The recent car battery troubles of my neighbour, and our own car last month, gave me a chance to ponder the need for battery booster cables here in Canada.  As the car I drive often takes us out of the city and around the province, if not the country, we have booster cables that never leave the back of the car except to boost someone's battery.  We have a set for the second car which KLR drives but when that car was dry docked for a couple of months, the cables ended up in the garage.

After the neighbour's distress call came in from a few blocks away, complete with young son in the car and freezing rain on the dash, KLR was dispatched since he was already out and about and the car was out of dry dock.  The cables however, were still in the garage.  Yours truly headed out instead.

Lesson learned: regular checks of your winter box are a good way to stay organized and ensure that your car will be fully supplied when life throws the proverbial curve ball.  Items to carry in the box might include: booster cables, blanket, matches, candles, flashlight, first aid kit and hazard sign.

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