Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Plan a Picnic

This holiday weekend you may be looking to get outside to enjoy some summer sunshine. Consider organizing a picnic to share with a loved one, family or friends.

First, choose your location. It may be in a park, on the beach, or even in your backyard. I'm planning our picnic at a favourite spot, next to the sights and sounds of moving water.

Packing for your picnic will depend on how you will arrive, whether by hiking, biking or driving. Utilize a traditional picnic basket (though any basket will do), a box, backpack and/or cooler to pack food and picnic accessories.

Your picnic essentials may include:

1. A blanket. Consider the size needed to accommodate your guests comfortably or so that you may be able to lie down on it, if desired. Look for something water resistant to keep everyone dry if the ground is damp.

2. Plates, cutlery, and cups. It's preferable to bring reusable dishware along. Pack them into re-sealable bags or lidded containers to transport the dirty items home.

3. Napkins. They're always good for quick clean ups too.

4. Cool beverages. On hot summer days it's important to stay hydrated. So bring extra! Try freezing some of your water or drink in bottles, using them as freezer packs to keep food fresh until you arrive. As they slowly melt drinks will stay cold and refreshing throughout the day.

5. Classic picnic foods. Think about finger foods when preparing your menu. I like to keep it simple. I prepare a selection of pre-cut bread, meats, cheeses, and pre-grilled vegetables to allow my guests to make their own sandwiches. Fresh fruit is always on hand for healthy snacking. Watermelon is the classic choice. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to picnic foods. Tailor your menu to suit the guest list, bring your favourite dishes and enjoy!

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