Friday, March 20, 2009

Organizing to Maintain your Sanity - 4 Go Home

To keep the organizing going, and the clutter at bay, every item needs to go back to its home. for a residential organizing project, next to purging and/or downsizing, much of the work is in establishing a home for everything in your home. Once an item has a home, it needs to return there when you finish using/playing with it.

Again, just a few minutes a day to scan through your home and put things away will take you a long way to a more organized existence. Teach your children from an early age to cruise through the house before bed and put away their toys/homework/books/video games. Assign them a time limit. Keep it simple and commit to completing this task daily.

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Heather Greaves said...

Good point - Everything has a home. I also like - Everything has a time and space.

Today I'll take the 15 minutes you suggested and a few surfaces and talk to each object away from home - Would you like to go home now? It's time to go home now. Where is your home?

Adding lightness always helps.