Friday, February 6, 2009

Where is Everything? - Bills Due

It's the end of the first week in February - do you know where your due bills are?

Do you pay your bills when they first come in the door?

Do you have a designated place to store them until they are due?

Are your due bills all in one room?

Can you find those bills when you go to pay them?

Is the designated place close to your bill-paying method: computer; cheque book and stamps?

Is the designated place easily accessible when you go to pay your bills?

Are the bills identified with the date that they are due?

How much do you pay in overdue bill fees? Would that help pay down your mortgage?


Anonymous said...

I do enjoy reading your blog and its tips. Since money in the bank now earns so little interet, I pay my bills as soon as they come in and then file a record of the transaction. I do not have to keep track of when bills are due, and the electronic record created by paying on-line tells me immediately how much, or little, money is still in the bank.

Carolyn, Calm the Clutter said...

Excellent strategy. That's really making things simple for yourself. C