Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Top 5 Series - Excuses Professional Organizers Hear

Over on Wellrich for Business, I periodically post on the Top 5 Series. While they generally address the small business or home office organizing issues, I felt this particular post would be of interest to my residential readership as well. Do these excuses sound familiar? Maybe some help from a professional organizer would be a good idea!

  1. "I don't have time to worry about tidy piles of paper". You don't, however, mind asking everyone else to wait while to try and find whatever it is you are all looking for?
  2. "I don't need to be more organized; I can find anything I want in my office". Except that it takes you three hours to find a single piece of paper or file folder and meanwhile, everyone else is held up.
  3. "I'm not disorganized, I just like to keep things in case I might need them, someday". Meanwhile you pay for a storage unit that you haven't accessed for months or years (would that money help pay off the mortgage?) You have rooms you can't use due to the clutter and boxes covered in dust i.e. they haven't been touched in years.
  4. "I am actually very organized. I know exactly where everything is". Have you noticed you are chronically late for appointments, submitting school forms, paying your bills (and therefore wasting money on late fees) and rushing for completion of tasks at the last minute. You think you're organized? Have you asked your family or friends recently?
  5. "I have my own style of organization. No one else would understand it". You might be correct - no one else can find anything in your home either. Some professional organizers are specifically trained to understand your particulary style of organizing, and help you to make it work for your life.

Are you children learning their organizing habits from you? Is this a good thing? Would you like them to live with the harried existence that you live?

Think about it.

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