Monday, January 5, 2009

Menu Planning Monday

Has your home settled down after the holiday activity? There is nothing like a little routine to get us all grounded and reorganized. If you haven't tried planning your menus, I highly recommend it. MPM comes from my colleague Laura over on OrgJunkie. She has posted some great links to gluten free recipes for those of you with special diets in your home.

In the meantime, what's on your menu this week? Here's our lineup:
Monday - Swim team: Fish, rice, frozen vegies, green salad
Tuesday - Swim team: Our traditional pasta night, meat balls, green salad, Italian bread
Wedneday - Swim team, choir: BBQ pork kabobs in marinade, rice, grilled vegies, cruditee salad
Thursday - Swim team/lessons: BBQ chicken in Diana sauce, spinach/raspberry salad with caramelized almonds
Friday - Ski night: Sandwiches on the road
Saturday - Supper for 9: Pasta with Tomato and Meat Sauce, spinach salad (again), Italian Bread
Sunday - Make your own pizza

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