Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!

If you’re the lucky family member making a turkey this weekend you must be making a grocery list as well. As you sit to consider everything that will make your gathering a success, take a moment to also consider the aftermath of the holiday feast.

Do you look forward to demonstrating your culinary expertise, night after night preparing turkey pot pie, turkey pizza, turkey à la king – whatever it takes – to free yourself from the bird?

Do you haphazardly shove everything into the fridge and forget about it, until the smell in your fridge makes it impossible to forget?

Or do you cleverly freeze your leftovers, only to toss them out months later when the ice crystals make them unrecognizable?

With a bit of planning, your holiday meal can be enjoyed beyond this weekend, without being a burden.

· Purchase clear storage containers, suitable for fridge or freezer
· Label and date the contents of each container
· Separate large quantities into meal-sized portions before freezing; when it’s time to thaw your food, you only pull out the quantity you need – instead of chipping away at a frozen block
· Give some away: after six weeks living on a university campus, your big kids are jonesing for some home cooking; send them back to school with a care package of some of their favourite holiday treats.

Whatever you plan to do this weekend, have a Happy Thanksgiving.