Tuesday, November 6, 2007

From the Mouths of Babes...

Off to the swimming pool yesterday evening for lesson with young son. “Did you remember my goggles mommy?” Check. “Hurray for mommy. Did you remember my pyjamas?” Check. (Shortens the bedtime routine). “Good job mommy!” (He’s a quick study on reinforcing good behaviour). “Uh oh, looks like I forgot the shampoo. Just a quick rinse will have to do tonight hon. Funny how I always seem to forget something – but it’s always something different.” Sound familiar?

“Mommy, I’ve got the most brilliant idea. This way you’ll never forget anything.”
“Great, let’s hear it – any and all help is appreciated”.
“Let’s make up a list of all the things we need for swimming and leave it in the bag all the time. You’ll never forget my goggles again – or the shampoo. We can even maktak it so it doesn’t get wet!”

Straight to the end of the story; I have offered my son a job as assistant organizer with the company. His scheduled start date is January 2017. He is 6 years old. I am humbled.

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Penny said...

Here's an idea: you could purchase a second one of everything you need in the bag and leave it there: shampoo, hairbrush, pyjamas, etc. When the pyjamas are taken off next morning, they automatically go back in the swim bag.